Sunday, March 6, 2011

"I'm In Love With This Idea"

When you first hear " I'm in love with this idea", what comes to mind. Of course, everyone has a different idea.  The thought allows your mind to delve into that most secret place in your heart and mind.  Given the opportunity to take a moment and think of the one most enjoyable thought, "the idea you are in love with", allows you to invite someone into a most private place in your thoughts.

"I'm In Love With This Idea" and current exhibition at Georgia Perimeter College  stimulated my imagination to explore and answer the question. I have always enjoyed photographing and painting flowers.  The subject matter in endless, the colors breathtaking, the endurance of the delicate petals that withstand heat, rain, cold and snow is a mystery.

For this reason I decided to paint a single, long-stemmed red rose. There are a vast number of varieties, but the long-stemmed red rose for me is a tower of strength, of warning, of beauty, and the velvet petal texture, of gentleness and warmth.

I appreciate the opportunity to participate in the exhibit with WCA GA. The exhibit is ongoing through April 22, 2011. Hope you have a chance to visit this exciting and versatile exhibit spondored by The Jim Cherry Learning Resource Center Gallery.

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