Sunday, June 5, 2011


I am taking a new direction with my art.  I find that I am attracted to contemporary work that hopefully will get your attention.  Artist are constantly looking for new ideas, concepts and ways to make interesting art.  Now, I have passed that stage in my life where I could grab a can of spray paint and head for the train depot, but don't think I wouldn't like to try it. On a much smaller scale, I have started a series of paintings that humanize a head form with an attitude.Now, what does this mean? I took a Styrofoam head form and painted an idea. The challenge is to create a feeling about a place or experience.

My second in the series is called "Garden Party".  I love vintage clothing and remember all my mother's hats.  Especially, the "pill box" style.  So, of course, the study had to include a pill box style hat, an outdoor feeling and a martini, with olive. After viewing, you can determine the mood of the guest.

I entered this piece in the ART Station Member Juried Exhibition #3 and it was accepted.  I am so excited where this new direction is taking me.  I am taking my new best friend to the beach in the third painting in the series and am planning to create a piece for breast cancer in honor of my dear friends who have encountered this disease.

The ART Station Member Juried Exhibit #3 will be held from June 4 - August 13, 2011.  The exhibition is accompanied by the Atlanta Collage Society, "Endangered Species: Found Papers" exhibition.  Both exhibits are well worth the trip.

"Creative Palette" at DuPre's Antique Market on the Square, Marietta, GA

I am so excited about being able to display my art and in such a nice location.  I actually had this idea several years ago.  To provide local Artist a market to display and sell their work.  My thought was an abandoned Walmart or Home Depot space where Artist would have an area and outlet for their work.  DuPre's Antique Market has provided a wonderful location, on the Marietta Square, for local Artist.  I joined other Artist in a space with a good location, good lighting, and most important customers that are looking for that special antique keepsake.  Now they can enjoy an Artist Alley within the Market.

The advantage of being a part of this is meeting other Artist and discussing their medium.  I thrive on the discussions and always learn something new. 

You are cordially invited to enjoy your memories from the past as you meander through the Antique Market and enjoy fine art by local Artist. If you visit, please sign the Guest Book. I will know that you stopped for a moment in your busy schedule to enjoy my art.