Sunday, June 5, 2011


I am taking a new direction with my art.  I find that I am attracted to contemporary work that hopefully will get your attention.  Artist are constantly looking for new ideas, concepts and ways to make interesting art.  Now, I have passed that stage in my life where I could grab a can of spray paint and head for the train depot, but don't think I wouldn't like to try it. On a much smaller scale, I have started a series of paintings that humanize a head form with an attitude.Now, what does this mean? I took a Styrofoam head form and painted an idea. The challenge is to create a feeling about a place or experience.

My second in the series is called "Garden Party".  I love vintage clothing and remember all my mother's hats.  Especially, the "pill box" style.  So, of course, the study had to include a pill box style hat, an outdoor feeling and a martini, with olive. After viewing, you can determine the mood of the guest.

I entered this piece in the ART Station Member Juried Exhibition #3 and it was accepted.  I am so excited where this new direction is taking me.  I am taking my new best friend to the beach in the third painting in the series and am planning to create a piece for breast cancer in honor of my dear friends who have encountered this disease.

The ART Station Member Juried Exhibit #3 will be held from June 4 - August 13, 2011.  The exhibition is accompanied by the Atlanta Collage Society, "Endangered Species: Found Papers" exhibition.  Both exhibits are well worth the trip.

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